Waterproof stickers are the perfect tool for personalized water bottles and food containers that need to be stored in a fridge or freezer. You can create a personal sticker with the names of every family member, friend, or teammate. And in this way, you never lose your personal belongings again. These stickers are also great for labeling food packages that can potentially come into contact with water. So the important information won’t ever fade or get washed away. These stickers are made by using a thin, durable, and flexible vinyl material. Once they are applied to a clean dry surface, the waterproof vinyl stickers will stay applied for a long period of time.

These are the following benefits below why these stickers are preferred:

Long Time Use:

You can use these stickers on mugs, glasses, and plates because the adhesive is even microwave and dishwasher safe. I’ve stuck some waterproof vinyl stickers to the mugs in the office, and they’re still going strong, even after several years. These stickers are extremely versatile. They can hold up great stuck to windows, cars, and any flat outdoor surface you can imagine. Hand out your custom waterproof stickers at events like trade shows, networking parties, and conferences. People will love sticking them on places where they can continue to raise brand awareness for years to come. 

Apply To A Wet Surface:

These are the labels that are resistant to the penetration of water into any single layer of them. It is best to prepare the surface first where you are applying these stickers to ahead of time. Ensuring that you are placing them with a clean and flat surface will help the adhesion of the sticker, and will ultimately make them last significantly longer. If the surface on which you’re applying your stickers is wet, the adhesive may not dry. These vinyl stickers are designed in such a way that they are best for wet surfaces. However, once your custom waterproof stickers are applied, they will even hold up the undersides of the surfaces.

Waterproof Stickers
Waterproof Vinyl Stickers

Durability Of Stickers:

These stickers are extremely durable. They hold up in a wide array of temperatures. Logos, designs, and other printed information stay legible on these stickers. They are made from high-quality materials and you can use them according to your needs.  They come in rolls and sheets. You can use these vinyl stickers on your clothes. They’re made with a strong, permanent adhesive material. It’s totally up to you that you can order these stickers in any quantity. This means you can order as little as one single sheet of these stickers. Not only this, but you also have the option of printing multiple different designs per page.

Shapes Of Waterproof Stickers:

You can have your stickers printing in die-cut shapes. We offer a variety of standard shapes in our online editor, allowing you to create standard waterproof stickers. We also offer a contour die-cut that registers the shape around the perimeter of your overall design. This can help to create a more custom appearance. This makes them great for use in many events like parties, weddings, and many more functions. They come in rolls and sheets. If you’re labeling the bathroom and sink products, the waterproof materials will keep your customers happy. These stickers can be printed on either a white, clear, metallic or fluorescent vinyl in a glossy finish.

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