This has scientifically proven that curved or round shape looks more attractive then pointed one. This is why round stickers are more likely to use. They come in small and large sizes and can stick to any smooth surface, so the possible uses are endless. They are proving a powerful marketing tool that brings together more traditional advertising methods with highly effective word-of-mouth marketing. People like these because of their creativeness which matches the customer’s wants. At starting round stickers are made from paper but now it has become less common and Vinyl is used in their production. By the passage of time, these have been made of a variety of different materials. These materials have made them weather-resistant and long-lasting.

Prominent Features Of Round Stickers:

Weather Resistant:

These are built to withstand even the toughest of conditions. They can withstand extreme rain/water as well as dirt and dust.


As appropriate waterproof inks with waterproof adhesive are used which makes them suitable for applications where you would need extended immersion or exposure to moisture.

Highly Adhesive:

These are the high adhesive; these decals are among the most permanent signage we offer. When it comes to decals, they are the most durable and will last the longest. The estimated lifespan for these decals, if installed properly is more than five years.

Scratch Resistant:

As material likes polypropylene and polycarbonate are used in their production these make them scratch resistant.

Prominent Features Of Round Stickers
Prominent Features Of Round Stickers

Purposes For Which They Are:

As Companies Logo:

  • Many companies and organizations used different logos these are mostly in round shapes for customizing items.

For Security Purposes:

  • These are used on Automobiles to show identity by different departments, Companies, and organization. Doctors, engineers, and the like professionals paste round stickers on their automobiles to distinguish their identity.
  • Country tags are used when a vehicle moves overseas. These are used to show the nationality.
  • Used for compliant security labels.

Product Labels:

  • These used to make parking signs.
  • These are used to decorate glass and beverage refrigerator windows.
  • These are used as product labels of different brands.
  • These are used on water bottles.

Types Of Round Stickers:

Types Of Round Stickers
Types Of Round Stickers


These have a white background named vinyl stickers. These are available in any color combination. As these are Permanent decals, once fully applied, they cannot be reapplied. These are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. These are compatible with Industrial, construction, and warehouses.

Clear-Vinyl Window Decal:

These have a clear background. These are ideal for glass surfaces. These are available in a number of color combinations and designs. These can be used for Indoor and outdoor use. Used on windows for business, retail stores, homes and/or cars.


Low-tack vinyl is used in their production which makes them able to be repositioned. These are used for temporary purposes. They left no residues after removal.

Static Cling:

These are free of adhesive and can easily be removed, repositioned and reused. The lack of adhesive means, that static clings are not weather resistant. Therefore, these are not recommended for outdoor use.

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